Personal Talent Management Tool

Quickly access a list of your own selected
professionals from different sources

Save time by checking your
personal talent pool
Add contact details for specialists
from different sources
Categorize, add tags, and
leave comments

Build Your Own Talent Tool
in One Step

Baselance spares you the pain of looking through endless lists of talented professionals. The service imports data, contact details, and portfolios from top creative platforms, social networks, and your own personal files

Harness the Power of

When you are on fire Scroll through the list and view a hundred portfolios in 1 minute

To find the best fit Compare different freelancers and choose the most suitable professionals based on portfolio, price, and skills

To save time on search Use categories and tags to speed up your search

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets,
CRM, and Notebook

Just add a link to the portfolio page, and Baselance will create a contact card including your chosen specialist’s avatar, contact details, and last five projects

No more manual work
or human error

Baselance imports freelancer profiles automatically, no need to enter data manually

Import your database

If you have already collected a list of contacts in Excel, you can import it to Baselance with just a few clicks

Search smart

Baselance groups freelancers by tag and category to help you find the best match – fast.

Be smart about how you store your data. Forget about inconvenient and slow access to portfolios: enjoy a quicker, easier way with Baselance

Use Baselance as Your Personal
Talent Pool

and collect contacts from different places for the needs of your business

Request Early Access

Handle routine in 10 seconds

When you add a freelancer from Behance or other services, Baselance takes care of the details, syncing portfolio projects and contact information

9 scrolls
in Baselance

instead of 30 different tabs
and endless scrolls

1 illustrative
portfolio storage

instead of many sources

12 times faster
View 3 contacts in 4 sec
with Baselance vs 96 sec
with Behance

Baselance is getting better
to support better projects

We refine, polish, upgrade, and implement – help us to make Baselance even better.

  • Parsing with Behance
  • Parsing with Instagram
  • Contact sharing
  • Automatic syncing
  • Chrome extension
  • Safari extension
  • Teamwork
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