Baselance was born inside the animation studio. Like many studios, we have a small group of core team members, and we're always collaborating with freelancers.

So, trust us, we know how hard it can be to find people — even those you've already worked with. As we scrolled through excel spreadsheets, got lost in open tabs, and wasted precious time, we thought we have to do something about this. That's how we came up with Baselance.

Forget trying to remember the name or handle of that freelancer you want. You just see their work, realize that this is the style you need for your project, and BAM! — you're writing them a message.

We understand what producers, projects, art buyers, and creative directors really need, and that's why we're sure that Baselance will be an excellent asset in their work.

We're committed to aligning Baselance with our users' needs, so we've created a page link where you can share your ideas for improving the service. If other users vote for your idea, we'll start prototyping it and consider implementing the feature.

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We're anxious to hear your feedback, too. Share your ideas and thoughts about Baselance, or just say “Hi!” at e-mail. We'd love to hear from you!